Learning to Adjust

Learning to Adjust
May 4, 2015 Greg

Workout #8 – 1500m 1000m Broken Swim

We’re in the middle of one of the busiest weeks of the year at work. My company has an enormous presentation today, and my team is responsible for the visual story. As such I didn’t have an hour for my workout today. I was rushed, and unfocused, but banged out this quick workout:

  • 300m warm-up
  • 6 x 50m @ 0:40-0:45
  • 8 x 50m drills and stroke

I’m kinda bummed. It was 500m less than planned, and while I’m glad I put the work in, I just felt so unprepared for the workout. For the first time in months, I got down on myself as well…started doubting and questioning what the hell I’m doing.

But I didn’t fight it, nor did I try to make sense of it. No need. Feel it, and let it go. It was just a fleeting, momentary lapse.

That said, I am going to listen to my body (and family). I think that I can do without this third swim workout every week. Pretty sure that I’m well prepared for the swim portion of the tri, as my longest workouts are 2500m, and the event is under 1000m. I modded the training plan to be more swim heavy, but I think I might’ve overdone it.

Also, with six training workouts every week I’m finding it hard to be able to fit in strength training. I can feel the tearing down process that all of the swimming is doing to my shoulders and upper body. Need to make sure that I get plenty of time in on my core and building up strength in the upper body.

So I think I may scrap my Monday morning swim each week, and trade it in for a good long weight training session. I’ll still have two sport specific sessions per week for each, and have the added benefit of some increased strength. And it’ll be another morning I don’t have to race across town to get in the pool before work.

Everyone wins.

Breathe. Adjust.

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