To The Marina And Back

To The Marina And Back
May 4, 2015 Greg

Headwinds suck. Period. The beginning of the path to Ballona Wetlands is like running into the face of a wind tunnel. Actually, it’s not like it, that’s exactly what it is.

Today’s winds were especially strong, and at times, it can be discouraging…especially on a fixie, because it feels like you’re being slowed to an absolute crawl. Instead of getting caught up in the struggle, I tried to redirect my attention to my form.

Knees over the pedals. Don’t round my back, keep it flat (important for someone recovering from a microdiscectomy). Elbows in. Head down. Pedal down and up, both legs.

Having something to focus on really does make it easier to plug away at the miles. That, and listening to Songs of Freedom. Marley always knows how to keep you in the right mood.

All I know is that my bi-weekly massage is so needed tonight.

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