Down For the Count, Back up Running

Down For the Count, Back up Running
May 6, 2015 Greg

I took a pretty big hit yesterday, and just couldn’t really get out of bed. Perhaps it was just lingering from the day before, but the sore throat I’ve been fighting for a week plus wiped me out yesterday morning. After taking the kids to school, I was out like a light switch for the rest of the morning, and stayed in bed the whole day.

Today, I woke up fresh. I was supposed to be in the pool for a 1500m swim this morning, but that just didn’t work out timing-wise. I’ll do that tomorrow morning. So I flip-flopped the schedule to stay on track, and got out for a nice run this morning.

Walked the kids to school, which is always nice, and then took off down the BH Greenbelt and banged out 4 miles. Finished in a little over 32 minutes, which was a little slower than I was aiming for, but considering how I’ve been feeling this week, it’ll have to do.

My biggest issue with runs (hell, probably with swims too) is going out too hard and fast. I’m not really shocked by it; that’s how I am with everything in my life. I start things amazingly well. I prep, organize, and kickstart projects both at home and at work with vigor, but have issues with staying power and dedication to task.

But I’m working through it, and my training over the last few months has done more to improve my ability to finish things than anything in my life.

I don’t think I’ve gone more than three days in six months without working out. When I take more than a day off in a row, I feel it. I want to run. I want to get into the deep part of a 2500m pool workout. I like the burn at the end of a 20 mile ride. I’m determined to become more determined.

But I still have so far to go. I want to be able to complete a marathon someday…possibly a 70.3 tri. That’s gonna take a lot of getting used to the struggle and the pain.

For now, one stroke, pedal, and step at a time.


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