Swimming Less, Staying On Plan

Swimming Less, Staying On Plan
April 27, 2015 Greg

Workout #2 – 1500m Swim

Today’s swim was pretty great. I bought some new goggles, and love the fit. They’re supposed to have transitional lenses, but so far, I haven’t really noticed them transition very well. I’m probably going to buy a pair of polarized lenses for bright days, and leave this transitional pair for early mornings, nights, or overcast days.

They’re extremely comfortable, and I could see wearing them for an hour without needing to adjust. They do a pretty good job of staying anti-fog throughout the entire workout, too.

Also, have to mention how great the new TYR ear plugs are. So great. It’s such a difference when you have ear plugs that you don’t have to adjust very often.

I’ve been swimming north of 2000m a few times a week for a couple of months now, so I had to force myself to swim less to stay on the plan. I broke up today’s workout like so:

  • 300m warmup — wasn’t worried about pace, only about long strokes, even breathing, and form
  • 6x50m @ :45 – :50 w/ 15-20 sec. rest — hard to keep the pace up and the rest down
  • 3x100m @1:50 w/ 40 sec. rest
  • 600m @ 2:00/100m pace — finished the entire workout with a 12:00, 600m, trying to stay focused on long strokes and not fighting the water

After only a few weeks of watching a few Total Immersion videos, reading articles, and doing drills in the water, I feel myself getting much stronger in the pool. I won’t go so far as to say that I feel strong yet, but I’m getting better for sure.

Honestly, one of the most important things for me after a workout is immediately hydrating and getting a good meal in my body. I’ve been stopping at a Robek’s by my pool, but that’s not sustainable. Costco sells Sambazon Açai packs, so I’m likely to start making my own smoothie bowls and keeping a little cooler in the front seat to keep them cold until my workouts are done.

Off to work.

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