So Much For Sleeping In On A Saturday

So Much For Sleeping In On A Saturday
May 2, 2015 Greg

Workout #6 – Swim Broken 2000m

Waking up at 7am on a Saturday morning to go swimming requires resetting the idea of what Saturday morning should be. My throat has been scratchy all week, as I feel like I’ve been fighting something. Oddly, I don’t feel sick for most of the day, but then at night, my throat starts to get itchy and it lasts until early in the morning.

Either way though, I got up, drank a little water (no food), and dragged my ass to the pool. Apparently a bunch of other people had the same idea, because it was 5-6 people to a lane wall-to-wall.

It’s not easy to get your breathing right when you’ve got a sore throat. It felt like every length of the pool, I glugged a mouthful of water, which feels so rookie to me. Not sure whether it was being rundown and sleepy, fighting a sore throat, or not taking in any food before working out, but I really had to push myself today.

Since the workout was longer, and I was trying specifically not to spike my heart rate, I switched things up a little bit:

  • 400m warmup
  • 600m in 11:05
  • 8x50m at 0:45 w/ 30 sec rest
  • 600m in 11:30

I came home, made a huge breakfast, and then PASSED OUT. Two hour nap that I didn’t really intend to take. Laying low until a concert tonight, but excited to head out on my ride tomorrow. Gonna make it to the ocean this time!

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