First Brick Workout: Run After A Ride

First Brick Workout: Run After A Ride
April 28, 2015 Greg

Workout #3 was a “brick.” For those of you new to the sport, that’s a workout that combines multiple sports. In this case, it meant a 45 minute ride and a 15 minute run.

I passed out last night hard. Was doing a routine reorganization of my backpack, trashing old mail, etc., and passed out at 9:45pm. Woke up around 12:30am on a bed of papers in the living room. Damn. Spent.

Got the kids off to school, and rode up through Beverly Hills and then onto Sunset, and hitting my halfway point just before Sunset spills downhill into West Hollywood. Felt really good on the bike, and much stronger in the saddle than on Sunday.

Really need a better seat, and some actual biking shoes. Clipless pedals wouldn’t hurt. A new helmet, a headband to catch the sweat, and a pair of sunglasses better suited for biking and running. Those will actually probably be the first purchase.

I my new Purist water bottle is great. It kept my Nuun water cold throughout the whole ride, which on a hot morning like this one, really made a big difference. Not an enormous fan of the taste of those things, but all I really care about is staying hydrated and electrolyte replenishment.

Transition went pretty quick, and I snuck in a quick honey stinger energy gel pack as I was starting my run.

The run was much better than expected, actually. First mile was 7:44, which isn’t all that far off my fastest recent mile pace of 7:23. I need to work on keeping pace after my first miles, as I usually drop about 30 seconds in both the 2nd and 3rd miles of my 5Ks. But all in all, I felt good considering that I’d just ridden 10 miles and 45 minutes.

Also, I ran in my biking pants, which I thought was going to be way more cumbersome and annoying than it was. Hard to get used to wearing tight lycra out in the wild off the saddle, but I’m sure I’ll adjust. Gotta get good sleep tonight…tomorrow morning is an early morning rise and swim.

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