First Official Training Plan Workout

First Official Training Plan Workout
April 26, 2015 Greg

Workout #1 – 1:00 Ride, Ballona Wetlands

Just before my ride, I picked up a new water bottle and my first jersey. Both are great, and love the guys at Beverly Hills Bike Shop for their recommendations. They know their inventory so well.

I decided to ride the Ballona Wetlands path today, and man is beautiful! Don’t let any of the various reviews scare you away. It can be busy at times, and I can see how you wouldn’t want to ride it late at night, but it’s gorgeous during the day.

My first long ride was good, after I finally found the trailhead. Funny enough, I’ve seen the path 100 times, as it runs alongside a street we drive pretty frequently. I just had no idea that the bike path ducked under an overpass and then runs with the LA River to Marina Del Ray.

Riding a fixie for triathlon training is interesting. Part of me is counting the days until I buy my first triathlon specific bike, while another part of me secretly enjoys the pain of single speed and never being able to take a break. There’s no doubt that the forced cadence is building valuable muscle memory.

In fact, once I replace my shitty, hard saddle, I’ll likely keep training from time to time with the fixie.

As for the negatives, or things to work on, there are a few I could tell. My wrists started getting sore early in the ride, and my hands and fingers were falling asleep on and off the whole ride. Maybe I’m pressing too hard. Definitely not how it’s supposed to be, I imagine.

I’m sure that my form is crap, which could be a problem. I’m trying to keep a flat back, and to be really conscious of it as I ride, but fear that I didn’t do a very good job of it today. My shoulders and neck were sore towards the end of the ride. Also was focused on keeping my knees over the pedals, and not bowing out. Pretty sure I did a good job of that from the first to last crank.

All in all, good first ride, but lots to work on.

Nutrition seemed good. I’d had a big plate of eggs, avocado, and sprouted toast for breakfast, and then munched on a Lara bar-ish type thing about 30 minutes before riding. Didn’t overheat, but definitely could’ve drank more water.

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