Triathlon, Training, and Health Goals for 2015

Triathlon, Training, and Health Goals for 2015
June 27, 2015 Greg
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Basically, since my finishing my first tri yesterday, my mood has been on the downward spiral. I’m not fighting it, but at the same time, want to start building some goals for the rest of the year to start focusing on. Thanks for the good words, Bryan!

Here’s the list I’m hoping to completely cross out by the time the calendar reads 2016:

  • Swim
    • Get more comfortable in open water (both ocean and lake)
    • Increase fitness in water significantly
    • Swim 500m in 8:20
    • Swim 1500m w/o rest
  • Bike
    • Get stronger in the hills/climbs
    • Two (2) 20mi+ rides each month with at least 2500ft elevation gain
  • Run
    • Run a sub-22:30 5k
    • Run a sub-48:00 10k
    • Run a sub-14:00 2 mile
    • Run a sub-6:30 mile
    • Finish a half marathon (or if scheduling doesn’t permit for a race, at least finish a 13.1 mile run)
  • Triathlon (Race)
    • Finish a sprint tri under 1:30
    • Swim a sub-13:00 swim tri-leg (750m)
    • Run a sub-25:00 run tri-leg (5k)
  • General Training
    • 2 swims, 2 rides, and 2 runs each week
    • At least 1 brick workout each week
    • At least 2 core/strength sessions each week
  • Life / Health
    • Average 7 hours of sleep
    • Start waking up earlier; bulk of weekly workouts should start by 6am, and be done by 7am
    • Make sure that life is balanced

The last two items on that list are more important than anything else; my family is tops in my life. I have no intentions of spending less time with them as a result of training more. My kids love me being home when they wake up, which means I have to workout earlier. I love waking the little bunnies up. I love making my son coffee and toast before he heads out the door for school. I love making sure my wife’s coffee supplies are out and ready for her when she gets back in from morning photoshoots.

On the weekends, it’s likely that I’ll be gone for a couple/few hours once or twice for training, but the rest of the weekend is usually family time; soccer games, date nights, trips to the park, grocery store runs, etc. Balance.

Alright, signing off…need to go take the kids to shoot some hoops. Hoping I can figure out to get a little run in here somehow tonight… 😉

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