The Day Before; Journey Begins Tomorrow

The Day Before; Journey Begins Tomorrow
April 25, 2015 Greg

With this site, I both hope to catalog my own training, but to also help create a little ramp for anyone who comes behind me that’s looking to get into the sport.

When I run into training issues and successes, you’ll be the first to know. As I buy and test products, I’ll review them and share with you here. 

As of today, I have very little triathlon specific gear. I can hear my late father laughing at me right now, and can see him rolling his eyes; no one was quicker to point out my addiction to gear and equipment. My wife has taken up the role in his stead. 

I have a swimsuit, fins, goggles (new ones that I LOVE), a pair of running shoes, a new unworn pair of biking shorts, an old helmet, Chrome shoes, and a fixie that’ll soon have to be replaced by either a tri bike or a road bike with aero bars added on.

Essentially, I’m a tri-gear virgin…but it’s about to be a gear orgie up in this joint.

More than anything else, if you’re here, please drop a comment. I’m just learning to tri, and whether you’re an experienced triathlete or brand-spanking new like myself, welcome here. Thanks for stopping by.

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