My First Rest Day

My First Rest Day
April 30, 2015 Greg

Man, do I need this rest day. I don’t have a ton to say other than that. This is the first time in years that I’ve worked out five days straight so hard, and my body needs a day to just chill.

No morning workout, but took a trip down the street to the physical therapist in the afternoon. While there’s a good workout regimen as part of the PT, the first half hour is usually spent getting my left knee and left hip massaged and loosened up.

Didn’t really watch what I ate today either, which is a nice break. Even on cheat days, I tend not to overdo it. When I first started eating differently, my cheat days were filled with pizza and other crap. Now, it just rarely happens like that. I’m not saying I don’t indulge, or have pizza from time to time, I just don’t crave it the same way anymore.

Whether it’s having a sandwich when I usually have a salad, the change up is nice.

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